Eagle, Stay

It was worth the wait for our eagle visitors.  One highlight was identification of a fourth year female from Bridgewater, Connecticut.  It looks like she has a mature mate, but I am not counting on viable young this year.  Our other guests were within spitting distance.

eagle classic rock pose Croton-1

eagle takeoff croton sandspit-1

eagle pair Verplanck Z-2??-1

eagle immature takeoff Haverstraw-1

eagle adult takeoff Tompkins Cove-1

Eagle Come, Eagle Go

Our visitors arrived early this week. Twenty eagles fished at Indian Point on Wednesday. Eagles were perched north side of George’s Island. Flyovers at Charles Point and ice fishing on the Hudson.  Warm weather is coming, so they will be going.

eagle Indian Point-1

eagle Tompkins Cove-1

eagle poop trail-1

eagle poop trail-2

eagle poop trail-3

George’s Island

eagle George's Island-1

eagle ossining-1

eaglepatriarch Hudson-1

eagle matriarch Hudson-1

eagle plunge Hudson River-1


Ring In the New

eagles croton nature center-1

Well, not really new. This second year has been hanging around all year.

red-tail suspended croton-1

Red-tailed hawk really hanging around…

red-tails X three croton-1

Three’s a crowd

lark sparrow cute croton-4

This lark sparrow is really new to Croton Point Park.

cedar waxwing croton-4

Cedar waxwing (not new, either)

Rochester Falcon Mecca 2015

The falcon population in Rochester is growing. Here is Cadence, 2015 fledgling, who landed on the rail in front of us early Saturday morning.  The Seneca Towers falcons are below.

Rochester falcon Cadence 2015-1

Rochester falcon Cadence 2015-2

Rochester falcon Cadence 2015-3Seneca Towers adult, one of the new pair in town

Rochester Seneca Towers falcon watch-1

Seneca Towers fledgling, one of two – quite the surprise this year

Rochester Seneca Towers falcon watch-2

In the Good Old Summertime

Eagles are still hanging out.  This year’s crop of young will soon be making Croton Point Park their summer home.

Eagle over Ossining June 6 2015-2

The osprey young are getting a rather late start, but will be taking over the train station parking lot.

Osprey with fish to nest June 2015-3I discovered the Bronx Zoo!

Spoon bill Bronx Zoo May 2015-1 Flamingos Bronx Zoo May 2015-1

The regulars at Croton

robin with worm June 2015-1 butterfly June 2015-1  Red-tail attack by mockingbird June 2015-1