Eagle Dreams

Croto Dec 11 2014-1

Croton Point Park is where your eagle dreams come true.  The visiting birds arrived early this year.  And they are quite used to people and cars.

Croto Dec 11 2014-2

Eagles Fishing Dec 2014-1

Eagles Fishing Dec 2014-4

Our young red-tails ask how you would like them to pose for pictures.  Profile?  Catching a rat?  Dragging a snake?

Croton Dec 2014-2

Croto Dec 11 2014-4

Of course the feeder birds are happy for the winter food.

Croton Goldfinch Dec 2014-1

Croton Dec 2014-3

Fall Fun

A passing migrant checks me out at the Croton Point Nature Center.  This resident kestrel was hunting with friends.  Our resident peregrine at Stateline Lookout in NJ is keeping the riff raff away.  Marshlands hairy woodpecker is catching some rays.  This white-throated sparrow is the first sign that autumn has returned.

Cooper's Hawk Croton 9-23-2014-1

Kestrel Croton 9-24-2014-1

Watching the Left Coast Lifter 2014-2

Marslands Photo Exhibit 2014-4

White Throated sparrow Croton 9-23-2014-1

Sloughing It in California

Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge in Alviso is amazing!

San Jose Sept 2014-5

It was hard to tell that the American white pelican might be endangered. This youngster was right in front of me.

San Jose Sept 2014-1

Black crowned night heron watching over Baby.

San Jose Sept 2014-2


San Jose Sept 2014-8

Wouldn’t be Alviso without the black necked stilts. The other may be a dowitcher?

San Jose Sept 2014-7

San Jose Sept 2014-6

A Sora!! I saw the post on ebird and there it was in the slough.

San Jose Sept 2014-11

This is one of the sloughs.

San Jose Sept 2014-12

Slough Music

Birding Delights

Westchester County, NY is a paradise for birders and photographers.

Communication Tower Osprey

Communication Tower Osprey

Persistent Kingfisher

Persistent Kingfisher


Flicker Fashion Statement

Eagle Friend Visited

Eagle Friend Visited

Make Way for Ducklings end of July

Make Way for Ducklings end of July

Same Ducklings end of August (Momma mallard kept them all alive)

Same Ducklings end of August (Momma mallard kept them all alive)

Saw Mill River Audubon Bird Walks

Just started going on these great bird Monday morning walks with Anne Swaim!  Check out Muscoot Farm and Rockefeller State Park Preserve.  The birds were waiting for us.  Note: Not just For the Birds.

Muscoot Farm

Muscoot Farm Bird Walk 8-4-14-1

Anyone reading “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt?


Muscoot Farm Bird Walk 8-4-14-2


Muscoot Farm Bird Walk 8-4-14-3


Muscoot Farm Bird Walk 8-4-14-4

Finally get a picture of an Eastern bluebird


Muscoot Farm Bird Walk 8-4-14-5

Good way to cool off

Rockefeller State Park Preserve

Rockefeller Bird Walk 8-11-14-1

My Tree! No, MY TREE!!


Rockefeller Bird Walk 8-11-14-2


Rockefeller Bird Walk 8-11-14-3

What cha’ lookin’ at?


Rockefeller Bird Walk 8-11-14-4

Am I glad to be out of that rookery

Rockefeller Bird Walk 8-11-14-5

Jeremiah was a …

Summer Sun and Shade

Finally discovered Rockefeller State Park Preserve.  Hard to believe I never went there before.

Juvenile wood duck at Rockefeller

Juvenile wood duck at Rockefeller

Summer Sun and Shade-1

Not so much fun in the sun! Be careful where you walk.

Summer Sun and Shade-2

Eastern kingbird pair

Summer Sun and Shade-4

Summer Sun and Shade-3

In my own backyard

Summer Sun and Shade-8

Love the light on the bill


Osprey are still on the tower.  Hope that young one has fledged.

Osprey are still on the tower. Hope that young one has fledged.

Summer Sun and Shade-6

It’s not Easter, I promise

Summer Sun and Shade-5

A touch of Monet at Rockefeller State Park Preserve

Jersey City Falcon Ivy, The Shady Lady

The Shady Lady of Jersey City (band 79/AN) must have put on sunscreen.  She was apparently in the shade at 10 Exchange Place when she suddenly appeared.  She then beat it around the building, went next to the Hudson River, and back to 101 Hudson.  She sat in the sun for a good two hours before winging her ‘big girl’ way 3 blocks south to 77 Hudson to check out the penthouse condo.  A girl after my own heart, strong and focused.

Donations to the Jersey City Falcon Cam can be made through Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey.  Please consider giving a small or large amount.  The cam offers a unique view into the not so private life of the peregrine falcon.

Jersey City Ivy June 2014-1

Jersey City Ivy June 2014-2

Jersey City Ivy June 2014-3

Jersey City Ivy June 2014-4

Jersey City Ivy June 2014-5

Jersey City Ivy June 2014-6 Jersey City Ivy June 2014-7